Month: December 2014

The Honest Facts About Auto Detailing Chemicals

Did you know that it is not required for auto detailing chemical companies to fully disclose their ingredients on their packaging and labeling? This means that an overwhelming majority of auto detailing companies cannot honestly tell you that the products they are using are 100% safe for the user, consumer or the environment. Your family could potentially be exposed to hazardous chemicals in your vehicle after the detail.


When I founded EcoGreen in 2010, this fact troubled me tremendously. I set out to find a company that that could provide high quality eco friendly products. I did this with the understanding that if such a company existed, my product costs would be significantly more costly than my competitors and my profit margins would be lower.

Here at EcoGreen we couldn’t be any happier knowing that we are providing our clients with products that are guaranteed to be 100% safe for our people and environment. We are partnered with Eco Touch, who is a standalone company in its industry due to the fact that they fully disclose the ingredients on their labels and Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS). Eco Touch utilizes plant-based ingredients such as citrus, lavender, coconut oil all contained in spray bottles and containers that are 100% recyclable. Eco Touch uses the motto, “Quality without compromise.” I am here to tell you that they mean every bit of it.


When choosing a cleaning product for personal use or hiring a professional detailing company, your health should be considered because you and your family deserve the absolute best!


Why Are You Being a Chauffeur to Germs and Bacteria?

When you think of germs, you probably think of bathrooms, doctor’s offices, schools and more. Did you know that your vehicle’s interior is a perfect breeding ground for germs and bacteria? The most contaminated area is your dashboard. Air can carry mold and bacteria and when it gets sucked into your air vents, it tends to stick to your dashboard and other areas of your vehicles. The dashboard stays the warmest due to UV rays which accelerates the growth of bacteria.

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Homes, schools and offices are commonly cleaned on a weekly, sometimes daily basis; cars tend to go six months to a year without a deep cleaning and sanitation of the interior! All of the bacteria builds up over time and can be potentially harmful to passengers commuting in the vehicle. Imagine all of the people and food that enters and exits your vehicle every day compared to the length between cleanings. Pretty scary, huh? One solution is to simply keep disinfectant wipes handy and wipe down the areas most prone to infectious bacteria.

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If wiping with disinfectant wipes just doesn’t cut it with you, look no further! Here at EcoGreen we utilize a state of the art steam cleaning system that is an environmentally friendly solution for a common problem. This process can tackle harmful festering germs, bacteria and odors in your vehicle without the use of harsh chemicals. We can offer you peace of mind and help you breathe easier!

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Has this ever been a concern to you? If so, how are you currently handling this issue?