BMW M3 Interview

I received a phone call from a potential client on Wednesday, May 16th 2013 (this article has been sitting as a draft for quite some time now). The client informed me that he had been using one of our competitors for a long time but that they were no longer in business. After he did his research, he saw that we may be a perfect fit. He just purchased a brand new BMW M3 days before our conversation. Every now and again I will speak to someone that really understands the importance of detailing and protecting your vehicle even if it is only days old. This particular individual was one that I had the opportunity to apply my knowledge I’ve obtained over the last 10 years.  After a thorough conversation about my experience, various paint protection products and several other “concerns” he had, he was confident enough in me to schedule an appointment. Little did I know that this future appointment was an interview process.

We arrived at his house at 1:30pm sharp on Friday afternoon. The car needed to be thoroughly inspected to decide which detailing service it would need. He was curious about our waterless car wash method so he asked if he could watch our process. After the wash we inspected the paint under high power LED lighting and measured the clear coat thickness since I knew it would need some polishing. We agreed that the paint needed a single step polish to remove the defects in the paint that were induced by the dealership, poor washing methods or transportation from the manufacturer to the car lot.

Alan and I set up our detailing equipment and supplies and began our work. Little did we know that when this client asked to watch our process, he meant the entire time! He watched us the entire four hours we were detailing his vehicle. Typically, we don’t necessarily prefer this, but it gave us lots of time to really understand his needs and expectations if we were going to gain his business for good.

We didn’t get any before shots since  we were doing a lot of talking but below are a few shots of our finished work. This detail included a one step polish followed by our signature high end paste wax. We polished, sealed and waxed all of the wheels and performed our interior protection detail as well. 

May 2013 BMW Day 044May 2013 BMW Day 034 May 2013 BMW Day 043May 2013 BMW Day 032May 2013 BMW Day 047May 2013 BMW Day 049May 2013 BMW Day 046May 2013 BMW Day 037

After we performed our final inspection, he handed us a check, shook our hands and said, “Well, you’ve got my business forever!”

The following Saturday at about noon I received the following email:

Hi DJ,

I feel a strong obligation to let you know how I feel about your detailing service.

I’ve had my numerous M3’s detailed by different people. After the job you and Alan did recently I can say without reservation it was the BEST job I have ever had done! The exterior of the car was spotless and looked like glass by the time you were finished. The interior was immaculate.

Your attention to detail, your punctuality, courteous attitude, even the questions you asked was what I was hoping for. It was what all business owners should strive for.

Thanks again, you have EARNED my business and I look forward to many more years of great detailing. Great job!

Warm regards,

Tony L.